About me

Our company is establish in 1984, and are engaged In manufacturing of various Industrial lighting fittings, Specially Flood light and accessories.

For last Five years we have introduce Fire fighting system known as Water mist fire fighting system 10L capacity, 50L capacity, High Pressure Water Mist and Caf Fire Fighting System Motorcycle Mounted & High Performance Foam Extinguisher Vario 9 Carban

We are recently registered Import Stores with DGS&D Water mist and Caf Firefighting System.

Our firm is ISO, NSIC Registered & GeM Government e Marketplace

We are giving best of after Sales Service and improving our product as per requirement of customers.


Equipments comprising of anti corrosive Aluminum alloy vessel with pressure gauge, light weight small gun, compressed air bottle with handheld & backpack system.

Constant operating pressure of 34 bar with negligible recoil.

Normal water and AFFF as extinguishing media in the form of pressurised water mist.

Minimum Lancing distance of 12 mtrs.

Suitable for Class A & B and Live electric fire.

Tested for 600 refills in a year.

Tested on 35kV as per EN 3 standard.

PESO / CCE approved air cylinder.‚Äč